Computer Science & Engineering

Computer science has revolutionized the working environments throughout the world. It has provided us with efficiency and accuracy in our work. With this revolutionary attitude, our CSE department has stood up to meet this fast growing world. …Read More

Electronics & Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) is one of the major Departments of HCE, since its inception in 2009. The department is very active in teaching and research in the areas of Communications, Signal Processing, Microelectronics and VLSI design, and Electronics Systems. ..Read More

Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department plays a leading role in evolving an ‘Engineering Science’ based curriculum, and served as a role model for many academic institutes. Over the years, interaction with industry and the emphasis on applied engineering has increased. ..Read More

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical Engineer, a discipline that is visible everywhere, may it be running your television, microwave, bulb, air conditioner, trains, toys and countless of other gadgets. The discipline offers services that are required in bringing every single item we want to use into working condition. ..Read More

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is the broadest and the oldest of all engineering fields. It is the branch with a lot of diversity from geotechnical sciences to structural engineering, environmental to hydraulics and transportation to hydrology. ..Read More

Basic Science & Humanities

The Basic Sciences & Humanities department was established in the year 2001. Basic sciences are fundamental to all engineering and technology. The need for studying basic sciences in the engineering courses explains the fact that students’ knowledge till the twelfth class is not adequate to prepare them for engineers. ..Read More