The HCE Central Library stands middle of the first floor of the institute with prominence. HCE library is housed in a large hall of 3000 sqft. It is the centre of intellectual activities. The central library of HCE caters to the academic need of the college students, staff and research scholars. It is fully computerized. It receives special attention and importance in the scheme of development of the institute. The library has facilities like CD-ROMs, online database and photocopiers for students. It has well over 1124 title of books and 10050 volumes of books and subscribes to many important journals, national and international. Total 10 types of newspapers are available daily and more than 35 magazines are available monthly in the library .There is one reading room adjacent to the library which is used by the faculties and students. It has a sitting cubicle capacity of 100 at the same time. The library remains open throughout the week with day and night facilities. Students can issue books from the library under two schemes.  They are Regular issue and Book Bank issue.