The ultimate goal of getting educated is to serve the humanity for its betterment. An educated human is expected to have traits of skills, communication and management along with responsibility, social feelings and social commitment. HCE makes deep efforts in developing an overall personality in students so that they are acceptable in the industry for their technical skills as well as in the society for their social commitment. With the vision of creating a sense of responsibility and social belonging, the institute organizes several social events on regular basis. One such event is the Blood Donation camp.It is well said that every drop of donated blood can save a life. The students of HCE believe in this truth and participate eagerly in donating blood with the goal of serving and saving humanity. The institute has organized several camps since its inceptions with a recorded participation of over thousand blood donators. The administration and faculty also donate blood as a part of their social responsibility and also as a token of encouragement to the students.