Teaching has been a noble field from centuries and has a remarkable place in the history of our nation. Since the inception of humanity on this earth, learning and innovation are the only endless processes. One can’t think of Innovation without learning. Qualified and experience faculty members are the pillars of our education system in any institution. Teachers with deep knowledge and dedication build up career paths for their students. At HCE, we understand this thirst and have provisioned highly qualified and experienced professionals as faculties who devote every single minute of their lives towards building up worthy personalities thus, ultimately building up a strong nation. The teachers at HCE innovate and implement unique teaching methodologies such that students can get industry oriented learning in compliance with the latest technological demands. Demonstration based learning along with hand-on practice sessions in laboratories are conducted under the keen supervision of our faculties wherein a good number of practical are implemented. Availability of adequate assets and amenities enhances the learning experience. Thus, making use of modern facilities, teachers make bottomless efforts in providing deeper understanding of concepts and their practical implementation that the student can utilize in their careers and earn rapid growth that would end up in success as the finish line.

Sl. No. Name Of Faculty Designation Contact No.
1 Prof. (Dr) Surya Narayan Pattnaik Principal 9437167031
2 Prof. (Dr) Chitaranjan Bhoi Vice-Principal 9337388807
3 Prof. (Dr) Bijuni Charan Sutar Dean Academic 9437200510
4 Arpita Nevedita Asst. Prof. HOD (CSE) 9040984987
5 Sandeep Kumar Sahu Asst. Prof. (CSE) 9439129412
6 Sangeeta Biswal Asst. Prof. (CSE) 9777119913
7 Nirlipta Pallabee Samapika Lec. (CSE) 9438104476
8 Sibani Panigrahi Asst. Prof. (CSE) 7894622771
9 Sudeepa Das Lec. (CSE) 9437610179
10 Suchismita Priyadarshini Parida Lec. (CSE) 9861188709
11 Dr.Pravash Ranjan Tripathy Asso. Prof. HOD (ECE) 9437346463
12 Naresh Kanungo Lec (ECE) 9692158310
13 Rashmi Rekha Mishra Sr. Lec (ECE) 9437900979
14 Krushna Keshab Baral Asst. Prof. HOD (EEE) 9437364288
15 Swagatika Satpathy Lec. (EEE) 9861748554
16 Sushree Subha Darshini Lec. (EEE) 9658737431
17 Manurbhaba Swain Asst. Prof. (EEE) 9439150015
18 Jyoti Ranjan Nayak Asst. Prof. (EEE) 9437509779
19 Sidharth Samantra Lec. (EEE) 9777768091
20 O.P.N. Kar Asso. Prof. HOD (Mech) 9937341589
21 Suryakanta Parida Lec. (Mech) 8763192742
22 Kanhaiya Prasad Asst.Prof. (Mech) 9040411664
23 Smruti Ranjan Rout Asst. Prof. (Mech) 9437536954
24 Shalini Mohanty Asst. Prof. (Mech) 9776641155
25 Sunita Panigrahi Asst. Prof. (Mech) 8984508544
26 Ayashkanta Jena Asst. Prof. (Mech) 9556832738
27 Manoj Kumar Rout Asst. Prof. (Mech) 8280065619
28 Bimosh Sahoo Asst. Prof. HOD (CIVIL) 7735545271
29 Nirjharani Sahoo Asst. Prof. (CIVIL) 9438157747
30 Sharmila Sahoo Asst. Prof. (CIVIL) 9040856486
31 Tarunikanti Das Lec. (CIVIL) 8895936617
32 Nibedita Sahoo Teaching Asst. (CIVIL) 9583483138
33 Pitabas Sahoo Lec. (CIVIL) 9337528375
34 Saraswati Samal Lec. (Chem) 9861615133
35 Siba Prasad Mohapatra Asst. Prof. HOD (Math) 9861042237
36 Dr.Soubhagya laxmi Behera Asst. Prof (Physics) 9438108634
37 Alpana Bhagat Lec. (English) 9238687091
38 Sugyani Pal Lec. (ECO) 9438430711
39 Dipak Kumar Maharana Lec. (Math) 9777032643