About Training & Placement Cell

Any student pursues a professional degree with a dream of joining a reputed organization and enjoying a career full of success. Apart from the process of imparting skills through quality teaching, the Training & Placement Office of an institution plays a key role in fulfilling the dream of students. There lies a very big responsibility on the shoulders of training and placement officials since the future of students depends on their efforts.

With the commitment of building success careers, HCE – the Top Engineering College in Bhubaneswar has set up a dedicated industry institute Interface (IIIT) that runs under the keen supervision of befitting staff members of outstanding calibre. The office bearers have prepared a company database that contains information about reputed National and International Industries and R&D Organisations that is being updated regularly with inputs from various sources. The offices of these companies are contacted by the placement officers to assure more placement drives for the students of the institute.

The officials also lays keen focus on grooming the technical skills of students and increasing their competitiveness by arranging special training programs like soft skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills and technical skills. Representatives from industries take active parts in organizing such events at HCE. Pre placements Programs (PPT) are also conducted right from the starting of academic tenure at this Top Engineering College Bhubaneswar. The variety of efforts made by the training and placement office has written success stories for the Top Engineering College in Bhubaneswar popularly known as HCE.