Sambit Kumar Sahoo
(Futuristic Diagnostic Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd)

I am working in FDI+CARE (Futuristic Diagnostic Imaging Centre Pvt. Ltd) since June 25 in Bangalore. Here I am working as an Electrical Engineering in this company. Here the work is in Automation based on PLC, SCADA. By the help of system we are able to control the whole plant. Here the company manufactures medicine which is used for cancer.

It is my sincere advice to my juniors to study PLC during their summer vacation and also do projects on PLC. It will provide more benefit after the 4th year exam is over. Now I am staying in company guest house. Here the people are friendly. Since I knew PLC properly, within 2 days I was able to handle the total work of our plant. In my first month I will receive a gross amount of Rs.13500.

Neeraj Sundar Pradhan
TekWissen Software Pvt. Ltd

With all due respect i would like to inform you that i have already joined at Visakhapatnam & it’s worth mentioning here that TekWissen Software Pvt. Ltd is as good as this place is. So here i take this opportunity to thank you for giving me this opportunity to prove myself & move ahead in life.
Thank You.

Rohan Shashank
Technical Recruiter
Tekwissen LLC

Thank you for such a great opportunity it’s because of your hard work many of my college mates got placed in different companies at various place with different designation. I am working at Tekwissen LLC and it’s been past one month working over here and it feels great. The atmosphere over here is friendly and things are going very smooth. Everybody over here is helping me to learn the work. Because of their hard work I learn the work and I got my first Purchase order (PO) in my very 1st month of joining. I started my professional carrier with Tekwissen and I am happy with it. Last but not the least again I want to say thank you sir for your hard work.

Joy Banerjee

I never thought that a software company can give u such kind of comfort. Now i am in a training period up to six month but i can establish myself in 1 month. This is not because i m a camp but the truth is the company is a camp last 3 yrs. Its turnover is of more than 70 crores. Very friendly environment just loving it.
Thanks a lot for the opportunity.